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This is a conversation between my boss and my co-worker and fellow Desktop Support Tech. He is attempting to upgrade from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003.

Tech: It can’t find my personal folders.
Boss: Well you need to link them back in to Outlook.
Tech: Blank stare
Boss: Where did you save them?
Tech: Blank stare…. F? (Our personal network drive space)
Boss: OK, go there.
Tech: browses See? There’s nothing there.

All: *We are staring at a folder, on the network drive called “personal.pst”
A folder. Not a file, a folder. And the folder is empty.

Tech: They were right here.
Boss: No, that’s a folder, not a file.
Tech: blank stare

Me: Trying not to simultaneously piss myself laughing. I had to call my roommate to make sure I was not losing my mind and someone who offers “desktop support” should know the difference between a folder and a file.

Evidently, he does not.


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