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I have aged. Another year.
I voted today.
It is also free pancake day at IHOP.
I share the day of my birth with the births of Abraham Lincoln, Christina Ricci, Darren Aronofsky and my girlfriend’s friend Tara.

It’s a good bunch.

I might have more thought later but for now, I am exhausted. I am sitting at work yawning constantly, trying to stay awake and not throttle the loud gossiping, customer complaining team to my left and the know-nothing co-worker across the tiny half-wall partition to my right.

I should have called out today.

I feel on you should receive a paid holiday for your birthday. It would do much for morale and general good feelings all around.

This is not a sappy what I’ve done and have not done post. That might come later. Don’t hold your breath.

I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday. To the point where I don’t tell people it’s happening directly. I post. Or Facebook will alert them.

So maybe you know, maybe you don’t. Doesn’t matter much to me.


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