ALBRECHT DÜRER: No One Expects The Billy Goat Dreamed 5307 days ago | | 379 words

Yesterday Kelly and I went to see ALBRECHT DÜRER: A Renaissance Journey in Print, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Previously, I did not know much about his work. So going in, I had no expectations or really any concrete knowledge of what I was going to see. Though afterwards I can say I am very glad Kelly told me about it!

It was amazing. The prints were amazing! The works were stunning in their detail. Also, the man has an addiction to putting little tiny towns in his backgrounds. Of the 83 prints showcased at the exhibit, I cannot recall more than 3 without tiny towns.
If you go, please allow yourself plenty of time, it took us about 2 hours to get through all 83 pieces, spread among 4 large rooms. And be sure not to miss the small corner room before you enter the main exhibit as it explains his technique and has examples of early printing and even the beginnings of graphic design.

VMFA galleries are open Wed-Sun, 11 am-5 pm. There is a small fee ($6 for non-members, $4 (I think) for students and free for museum members) but the price is well worth it to see this man’s work! The museum provides you magnifying glasses at the start. Make good use of them, as it will bring out well-hidden detail in even the most plain looking of prints. I uncovered many people, animals, and details by putting it to good use. Including a crucifix atop an antlered beast.

Just when you think you have seen the pinnacle of his work, you will come across the master works. This is a trio of work that is grouped together purely because their attention to detail and brilliance is unmatched by any of his works before or after. The quality and minute detail is just mind-blowing! You can inspect each piece forever and you’ll feel like you are still somehow missing parts of it. There is so much going on, you’d want to buy the print and take it home just to look at in your free time to gain more insight to this amazing artist.

I cannot say this enough, just go see the exhibit! It will be a couple of hours well spent!

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