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All quoted text from this post is taken verbatim from the text messages. Misspellings, lack of capitalization and all.

I get a text message tonight.

Hey girl are you going to the game tonight

It came from a phone number I don’t recognize. So I do the only logical thing. I replied.

Sure! Shall we bang under the bleachers?

I never expected a reply as this seemed rather forward and childish. However, I was not to be disappointed. Minutes later I received,

Oh yeah baby! Haha I love you alicia

So now I know who I am. Now, I’m sure Alicia is a nice girl and I really don’t want to ruin her evening, so I go with something outlandish.

Baby wear the monkey suit you know how it gets me hot


Haha alicia you know who this is right?

Not a clue, but neither do you!

No can we still bang?

I did offer after all.

Haha sure but this is alli w******* lover

So… I facebook/myspace/google her. I get nothing. I am sad. New tangent!

Mind if I bring Ashley?

I don’t even know an Ashley. But I had to keep the A-named theme going.

Ashle who?

She knows one at least.

The ashley. my girlfriend.

This should do it! Now, if Alicia has a girlfriend or a girl friend named Ashley, then the weirdness factor raises 400%.

What i an so confused.


Maybe you should check Alicias phone number. ;)

Perhaps now she will realize I am clearly not alicia. No harm. No foul.

Who is this!?!?

My name is Carl. And you are Alli. But I am not about to tell you this. ;) You’re too fun!

The random wrong number you’ve been texting.

And with that, my evening of fun came to an end.


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