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We want to bring Democracy to Iraq. We don’t even exercise our right to vote here at home! How do we expect the Iraqi people to embrace voting?

Why are we still following a president who was not even elected the first time around? Except with help from Jeb and lots of other suspicious goings on?

Why do we allow our President to lead us into an ongoing war over oil, where over a thousand U.S. military personnel have died? Why are we there? What are we fighting for? When will it end?

Can The Shrub run this country into the ground in the next 4 years? I think so, he’s done a pretty damn good job already. I am afraid for my civil rights. Everyday Bush is in office, we get closer and closer to a totalitarian state.

Not to totally harp on President Shrubbery… why are people so opposed to gay marriage? Why the hell do you people care if gays marry? What in the HELL gives you the right to decide if gays should marry or not? And don’t give me any of that “destroying the american family” bullshit. My parents have been divorced for over a decade, and believe me, the American Family is doing just fine fucking itself over. The gays and lesbians are not doing anything to help it along that straight people aren’t already doing.
Throw as much religion behind it as you like, that’s all fine and dandy. If you feel being homosexual is immoral, then so be it. I’m not out to change your views and I respect your views. This is a free country and you have the right to your opinion, as I have the right to mine.
Being nonreligious myself, maybe that gives me the perspective of, “hey, if people want to marry each other and those people are the same sex, then who am I to stand in their way?” Maybe that’s the minority, apparently it is. But the last time we had a rift like this in our country, it was over skin color. At least we’ve moved onto something a little less trivial I suppose (though, in my view, just as full of shit).
If gay people are destroying the moral fiber of our country, then how do we explain the last, oh say, 200 years we have been a country. Originally people fled to America because of religious persecution and what are we doing now… Things have come full circle. Now the hated have become the haters.

I keep hearing the media talk about how people who want to vote for their “morals” chose President Shrubbery… This makes no sense…

1. He lied to us about going to war in Iraq.
2. He lied to us about Saddam Hussein’s role in the Sept. 11 attacks.
3. “I just don’t spend that much time on him… I truly am not that concerned about him.” – Pres. Shrub on Osama bin Laden (gee, whatever happened to smoking him out of a cave?)
4. Civil rights are going downhill fast. The Shrub apparently feels whatever he does it right and moral, and whatever the opposition says is immoral and wrong. When else in our history have we had special “protesting prisons” during conventions? Why do you need to keep your opposition in guarded cages? Are you really that afraid they are correct? If you had the least confidence in yourself as a president, you would not need to forcefully silence your critics.
5. How do you think Cheney’s lesbian daughter feels, being forbidden from ever marrying another woman just because her father and Shrub’s “moral” standing.
6. Oil. Oil. Oil. Rah. Rah. Rah.
7. What has he done about international terror? Overthrown Saddam Hussein, to prove he could do what his father (Ye Olde Shrub) could not. What about bin Laden?
8. He allowed torture to go on in prison in Iraq. Whatever happened to being greeted with open arms, as Cheney claimed we would be? If The Shrub will torture prisoners, what do you think he feels about our civil rights?
9. He is opening us up for more attacks with his flagrant disregard for the entire rest of the world! The man is so arrogant and brash that I would not be surprised if we are hit again and hit harder in the coming months after Shrubbery is re-elected. Being the “leader of the free world” means actually being honest with your own people for one, which he has failed to do. Not torturing people a basic disregard for human life and international law. How can this man be fit to lead anything, let alone the United States of America anywhere.
10. Clinton worked for 8 years to balance our budget. When he left office, we were in a surplus for the first time in years. Now we are in the largest debt EVER. This even includes Reagan and his “trickle down economics” theory.

How can people claim to have voted morally, and still voted for this man?

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