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There was a note over at 9Rules talking about what bands you’ve seen and who you’d like to see, so I’ve tried to compile a full list of concerts I’ve seen. Im sure I’ll add to this as I remember other people I’ve seen and as I see new acts. But here is the list, presented in no certain order.

Nine Inch Nails / A Perfect Circle – Night of my HS senior prom, opening to NIN in 2000. APC was astounding. NIN was a religious experience.

NIN / Saul Williams – I fell in love with Saul Williams after he opened for NIN and he stands as one of my favorite performers of all time now.

NIN / Bauhaus / TV On the Radio: Bauhaus was ok, the sound was bad for them. :-/ TV on the Radio was great live!

Tool – seeing them again in June

3rd Eye Blind / Smashmouth / FAT – I caught a frisbee Smashmouth threw, and all fo FAT signed it.

Moby / Bush – never did figure out that combination

Nickelback / Default / InjectedMTV Campus Invasion

Sevendust / Fuel / Nonpoint – Sevendust has an awesome live show! They’re an amazing band! Fuel was pretty good, though I’m not s huge fan. Nonpoint was amazing. They totally rocked!

Weird Al – seeing him May 1, close enough :D

My Chemical Romance / Muse – show is tomorrow night. Half my friends going like one, half like the other, I’ve never heard either.

Marilyn Manson /Monster Magnet – Mechanical Animals tour. After Hole dropped out.

Flogging Molly – good fun!

VNV Nation – awesome feel good ass shakin music!

Disturbed / Korn – Normally when I go to big rock shows, I can’t hear the vocals at ALL. But in this show, the sound was spectacular, especially on the vocals.

Godhead – for their original CD release. Awesome live show. And I knew every word to every song. :D

Carbonleaf – tiny venue in an alley, awesome, fun show. The second time was as part of a charity benefit a few years ago when we got slammed by the rain from a hurricane that just sat over Richmond.

Matchbox Twenty – saw with with a now-ex girlfriend. They were OK. Drawing a total blank who opened for them…

Dave Matthews Band – saw them with the family. Loads of fun!

Orgy / Crazytown – about a million years ago where I was misdirected by a cop to the Boathouse in Norfolk because they had the road I NEEDED closed due to a parade… and I ended up out in the country, missinig most of Crazytown’s set.


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