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Why do commericals yell at you? While watching TV, the volume blasts as the commercials come on. I don’t understand why this is.

Gun play or a building exploding should be louder than an ad for new trucks.

For once, I would love to see an ad for ear plugs being advertized during one of the breaks. Or just a few more silent ads. I wish more companies would go in that direction. Who buys things with people yelling at them?

When I walk into a grocery store, those unfortunate times I must shop for nourishment, do I want someone yelling.


No. I do not. I would not buy them for the sole reason someone was yelling about them. As a consumer, I do not want to be yelled at. I want my shopping experience to be a purely visual one. I do not need an overbearing, aural component.

The same thing applies to when I am consuming media at home. I am watching TV for the show that is on. Not for the ads that try their best to be loud, and obnoxious and force me to see them. If an ad really wants to get my attention, use a quiet or silent ad. When I hear silence, I look up to see what it is. I will watch your ad if I can’t hear it.

Ad agencies need to take things in the opposite direction. Do not try to overdo and outyell your competition. When they zig, it’s time to zag!

Go quiet. Underyell. Do not scream at me to buy your products. I am not interested in being yelled at about your services. If you yell at me, I will mute you, ignore you, or change the channel.

So please, next time you want me to buy something, just ask. Talk to me about it. Do not yell at me. I can hear you.


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