Calls for help dripping from you… Dreamed 5227 days ago | | 518 words

Having never cut, I can’t speak from the first person perspective, but I can speak as someone who helped someone stop cutting, and counseled others about it. It’s a way to regain some part of yourself when you feel totally lost and out of control of your life and all that is going on around you. Cutting is that way to feel in control, a safety net of sorts.

The blood letting is a physical release of pain and hurt just as talking or writing would be for me. Release is the only cure to a broken heart and aching soul. The longer you keep grief or pain locked up inside, the worse it becomes and the greater the act it will take to feel better. As the body builds up tolerances to the cutting, the mind builds up tolerances as well. The longer the cutter cuts, the more they will have to do for the same effect. It’s also an addiction just like alcohol, smoking, or drugs, because of the emotional high it brings.

Feeding the addiction, can lead to death if not stopped; Also, their body becomes weaker as more of it is damaged in a vain attempt to heal an emotional wound. The weakened body and broken mind can only lead to worse places. Suicide is often seen as a solution, And a logical end to the destructive progression… cut more to lessen the pain, so if I kill myself, all the pain will be gone, and I will finally be happy.

Only they won’t be happy. They’ll be dead.

Whereas being abused is a direct cause of pain, something like a divorce is overwhelming to any child or teen no matter the age. More often it is something indirect which leads to cutting. Parents are often times too busy to listen to their children. Often they are missing obvious signs that things are wrong. Friends are then left to play parent and attempt to steer things onto a better path.

Parents can be a double-edged sword, as the greatest ally but also the greatest foe. Medical attention and mental health care often require a parent’s signature if the patient is a minor. Imagine yourself as a teen cutter because of a bad divorce One of your friends convinces you to seek help of a counselor at school. You need a parent to give permission before anything can happen. The problem is the solution. You are back at square one and are very likely to give up, rather than go to your parents and risk making matters worse.

As with many addictions and emotional problems, the first step is to convince the person they have a problem. The second step is to convince them to seek help. I can do everything in my power to help a friend, but unless they seek help, all my work is for naught. The only way for a person to truly get the kind of help which will actually help them find less self destructive ways to release their emotions is if they want it and work to get it.

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