Common Courtesy of Advance Notice Dreamed 5226 days ago | | 385 words

So last night I get home around 11pm and I find a note from our landlordess stating our apartment will be shown today (Friday) at 5:30 pm. Well that’s just peachy. It would have been nice to know this with more than one day to get ready for it. So instead of walking into a decent-looking apartment, all cleaned up and reay to receive people, the tenants-to-be and our landlordess will be walking into a disaterpiece of unkept living!

Why you ask? Because my roommate and I just said fuckit! We’re going to bed. It’s late, we’re tired and if they don’t respect us enough to give us more than a day of notice, (that I did not even receive until many, many hours later) then we don’t need to kill ourselves and clean up. So we didn’t.

We’re both going to be gone during the showing, which is fine by me. I don’t really want to be there with people roaming around the place.

OK, so that was the first thing.

Second, I come into work this morning, already in a foul mood because of the apartment showing, and having overslept about 45 minutes, and I find out I am going to be working in the West End of Richmond today, unpacking the new PCs for the office we are rolling out next week.

Again, not a big deal, it’s not a long trip or anything. I just would have liked to know beforehand! I car pool with Kelly to work everyday since we live about 5 blocks from each other and it saves us each gas money, wear and tear on our cars, and parking fees. Since we work downtown, you either get to play the move-the-car-every-two-hours game or pay for parking.

I get to spend today annoyed and inconvenienced because of the simple lack of common courtesy. If you tell me things ahead of time, that is perfect! If you tell me and I forget, then it’s my fault. But if you simply fail to tell me, or tell me too close to the actual event, then you’ll have to live with the consequences.

I do not live the whims of my landlordess or employer. If you expect me to get things down and be prepared, then you need to fill me in one what’s going on.

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