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I received Crackdown from the Lemur Team for my birthday. And I hate them for it. I hate them for taking away my time and forcing me to play my Xbox 360 obsessively.

It’s a fantastic game. In the beginning, there was Grand Theft Auto. Then came Saints Row, which I was obsessed with for a long while. At one point I was ranked within the top 150 players on Xbox Live in cars delivered. I was a driving phenom…

But now, there is Crackdown. The game was developed by one of the developers of GTA, Dave Jones so that expertise came with him to Realtime Worlds (the company who put out Crackdown).

It mixes the same open-ended world that GTA got us all so used to. However, this time around you’re playing as a special Agent. The Agency is a worldwide police organization of unified agencies from around the world trying to bring order to a world run by three powerful gangs.

However, the big difference in Crackdown is the leveling system. You gain levels in some key areas such as firearms and driving. So as you progress through the game, your agent become more powerful and it’s all based on how you play the game. For example, if you run around and just beat people senseless with your fists you’ll gain levels in strength. However, if you shoot everyone you meet, your firearms levels will increase.

The other amazing aspect of this game is that it’s multiplayer co-op and your buddy can jump in and jump out at will. So you can be playing along, and all of a sudden you can get a couple friends together to tackle a harder boss or mission. Then they can hop back out, or continue on with you. There is also no limitation to who can join you level-wise. You can help out a much weaker agent if you wish to help them through.

It’s very open like an MMORPG. Except with guns. Anyone who has gamed with me knows I am a huge sucker for co-op games. I will play damn near anything that’s co-op because I love it so much.

I can’t wait to explore that aspect more thoroughly when I can coerce a Lemur to play with me. You can limit the people who can play with you to anyone, people on your friends list, or only those you invite to play with you. This makes me very happy so not any moron can jump in and potentially work against you.

Another aspect about the co-op that’s worth mentioning is that you don’t have to work together directly. You can explore different parts of the city if you wish. It all comes back to the amazingly open-endedness of it.

Once again, it’s a lot of things you wished you could do in GTA , or even Saints Row and will let you do it. And as Saints Row addresses, you can swim!

Water is not deadly.

When you’re playing through missions, which consists of taking out different parts of the game, it changes the gang. For example, last night I took out the weapons and automobile supplier of the first game.

As a result, the gang bangers I was going after had worse vehicles and their weapons were not as high a level after a short time. That was completely amazing to me.

When you attack part of a gang, it changes the rest of the game. Just think about that. That in itself is a fantastic addition to the game. It really feels like there’s a reason to play the lesser missions as opposed to going after the top dog of each gang. Which you could do right off the bat. But you would die. Quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that one thing I don’t like is the driving. Right Trigger means go. Left Trigger means reverse. And I’ve not found the handbrake yet, if there is one. And you can’t shoot while driving. Which is a huge blow for me. After as much fun as I had with Saints Row, getting 4 homeys in one car and unloading onto the other gang. Maybe this will be addressed with the co-op. I hope that once I pick a friend up in my car that he can shoot gang members.

I am looking forward to continuing to play through this game, and hopefully get some quality co-op time in this evening. I want to explore the co-op since it looks to be so amazing!


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