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This is my reaction to the film. It’s not a review so much as my take on what the film is and what it’s trying to say. And in the interest of stating where I stand, I am not a Christian in today’s sense. I don’t go to church and I don’t subscribe to a religion. I believe there is a higher power out there. And its not our place to see or know this power. But there’s something out there that’s got a plan for us. Whether we can influence it or not, no one can know. But there is a higher power. Period. The End.

I just finished Da Vinci Code and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a masterful story told through the mists of the in the eyes of a naive girl and a professor of history.

Believe what you will about the church and Christianity. Whether you identify with a religion or do not. This tale is about faith and I feel transcends all religions, even through it is based in the Christian.

A tale woven through thousands of years of change and rewriting of history. This tale leads us through twists and turns of ancient knights sworn to protect a secret so powerful it could very well destroy the basis of Christianity. Or at the very least, rewrite it from scratch.

Millions of lines have been written about the characters and the actors and actresses but it’s not about them. It’s about the story. You could plug any players into the tale and still have a masterful tale on your hands.

Everyone is literally, just playing a role, like The Keepers.

In the end, the point is that the heir to Jesus’ legacy would not pull a faith apart. But only work to bring more people together, in the true spirit of Christianity.

The heir would remain hidden, to keep the faith alive because more important than the petty differences between branches and factions of Christianity, is the belief and the faith.

Bickering over such minutiae is pointless. The power of faith is itself. To have faith in things that cannot be known in the absolute, one way or the other.

I think that is a message clearly lost in today’s world and one clearly missed by those who railed against this film. To stifle such debate is to admit there are problems with that which you are defending.

I had the experience to be in a church when this film came out into theaters. Not a place I’d usually be found, however, I was attending a musical performance there with a friend.

And one of the performers encouraged us educate those around us about this film and about the lies it tells. I thought this was absurd. As it’s a film about the power of faith, and not the destruction or attack on Christianity. It is just this viewpoint that infuritates me about the church of today.

I purposely did not see this film until now, when it had left the media’s collection hivemind and I could approach it with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

The end, while a bit of a twist, did remind me of Stigmata. But I guess that’s just me seeing far too many movies. They all make me think of something else.


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