Deathboy and The Black Death Dreamed 4550 days ago | | 163 words

Would you like an excellent mix of wordless, technoriffic, music for your friday afternoon?
In his own words…

I’ve decided to remind myself that I can make some quite beautiful things that aren’t all spit and bile by rounding up some of the more trancey/techno/uplifting tracks that I’ve done over the years and putting them into a compilation that suits being listened to on a sunny Friday afternoon :)

Please swing visit the illustrious deathboy and pick up his Beautiful Sky mix.

If you like what you hear, he’s got a HUGE free back catalog and two full-length albums which are both awesome!

Go forth and listen!

And keep an eye out for The Black Death, from Splintered Reality
The best rock band out of Berryville, VA since… well…. since ever!

New album is in mixing deep within 8×10 Studios in Raleigh, NC and should be unleashed upon the world very soon. Previews up at our Myspace and Stage.FM pages.


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