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I was listening to the Web Design Podcast during my lunch break today and Paul Boag made an excellent suggestion. He suggested that when looking for design inspiration to check out other blogs you like and screencap just tiny parts of them. The bits and bytes you like and think enhance the design.
Save those screens in a folder and categorize them if you like. Later, you can return to them when seeking inspiration on a new design or when you’re stuck in a current project.
I have starting doing just that. I scanned through the 80 or so design blogs in my “Designers” favorites folder and found about a dozen bits I really liked or I thought were very witty.
I am hoping this should give me a much needed boost in developing this site and this blog.
Since its inception it’s never really been anything more than a repository for images, small single page sites and a place to host friends and other projects.
However now, I feel it is far past time to make it something more. I need a portfolio piece, I need a portfolio. I want to find a job in web design but that is impossible when I’ve got virtually nothing to show for myself.
I need the Arctic Palace to be more than just a gag-that-stuck. I need it to be something I am proud of. Something I can point people to and say, Look, This is what I built!
And today, is Day 1 of this journey.


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