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A little background. When I was in college, I worked as the print designer for the newspaper for three years. For two of those years, I also helped to establish and updated the web site. Because of my work on the paper when I was in school and being intimately familiar with with content management system I was asked to take a role as the Student Media Webmaster which had been newly created to get one person to work on student media sites.

Well, that was me. I redesigned a literary magazine, helped the radio station get their domain names sorted and site moved to a much larger and more flexible server. I updated the newspaper twice a week, often times into the wee hours of the morning. All while still working a full-time-40-hour-a-week day job.

Recently, I was featured by Collegepublisher, the company that we use to run The Commonwealth Times web site and recently I was contacted to take part in a case study they were putting together. I was thrilled and answered a series of questions over email about the site, my design and most specifically, designing and integrating a breaking news blog into the site.

This was the reason they wanted to feature my work. So in the network of 450 college newspapers, my work on the CT was featured in a case study with only one other paper to date.

Feel free to check out my work on the CT’s Breaking News Blog and the redesigned Poictesme Magazine.

I am pleased to present the case study (check out the sidebar) or if you prefer, a direct link to the case study PDF featuring my work on the newspaper’s site, breaking news blog, and integrating it all together into a neat little package.


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