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Today, much like a lot of other days at work I get written off by my co-workers because they do not understand what I am talking about. The problem, in this instance, was a laptop screen and a desktop screen and why there was a discrepancy at larger resolutions (1024×768 and above).

I was trying to explain that the different was in that the new Dell D800 laptops sported a wider shorter screen (think wide-screen DVD) and the Dell desktop flat panels sported a more square screen (think fullscreen DVD).

I was trying to explain that while the laptop would support 1280×960 correctly, the desktop would put in black bars on either side… This is the same thing that happens when you try to watch a wide screen movie on a conventional television. It tries to compensate for the differing dimensions.

I was met with a chorus of “ooookkkkaayyssss…” If you don’t understand what I am saying, please… do not write me off as a know nothing.

I know I do not share your background in networking or programming and you feel like you have nothing to talk to me about since I am an artist and designer and you’re a programmer/network tech.

There is nothing wrong with that, but as I appreciate you for your knowledge, all I ask is that you show me the same courtesy.

I do not think it is too much to ask for a little respect when it comes to my field of choice.

Just like the other day when I was asked how to “enhance” a photo. Meaning to blow it up twice its size and get the detail back… from a jpg… off the Internet…

I tried to explain you cannot do that! This is not TV. This is not C.S.I. I tried to explain how you have a finite number of pixels and when you stretch those pixels out, they will blur and Photoshop or any other image software will try to compensate. To compound the problem, jpeg is a lossy file format. So on top of the image data not being there, you’re losing data in the compression!

I am tired of being taken for granted and treated like I know nothing, when in reality, it seems like I have a lot more common sense and knowledge than my co-workers…

I guess this is what I get for being a designer that also enjoys tech work.

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