Desk Completion 100% Dreamed 5003 days ago | | 165 words

I have built my desk.

I say built rather than assembled as this desk was a construction project.

It was given to me by my mother who in turn got it from a friend. She never fully assembled it and it came with no instructions or pictures to give me an idea of what it was supposed to look like.

And after 2 days, 1 trip to Wal-Mart, and the help of my illustrious brother, the desk stands assembled!

If you ever want an entertaining weekend project, construct a desk with no instructions, no clear idea of what all the parts do (or even are!) and minus some vital screws.

But now it stands, and I am sitting at it, typing on the laptop that is now dwarfed by this fine desk’s sheer mass.

Pictures to follow.
Sometime tomorrow once I’m more coherent.

I would like to thank my brother, my mother, IBC’s fine 32 oz. ice cold bottle of Root Beer and The Prodigy for aiding me along the way.


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