DMV does not want my money Dreamed 4266 days ago | | 358 words

So, I get this letter from the DMV today. It informs me I need to take some action to pay some fees before I can renew my registration. The letter neither lists the fees due nor amount I need to pay.

So I call the number listed in the letter, a nice toll free automation system awaits me. Then I can press 0 for a human being since none of the options are what I need. So I do. “Sorry, that option is invalid.” 404 Humans Not Found and I’m kicked back to the main menu. Over, and over again.

So I take the letter’s second piece of advice and attempt to access the information on their helpful web site. So I head over to their site and login. So I type in my title and VIN. I’m well on my way to finding out how much I need to pay before December.

Only one thing could possibly stand in my way. “ We are unable to process your transaction. Please click HELP. “ So here I am. 7pm on a Friday afternoon trying to do the right thing and pay whatever city taxes they want from me so I am in the clear to renew my vehicle.

DMV is doing everything in their power to stop me. This is probably why I never paid it last time they sent me a letter. That letter, for the record, was sent to an address I had not lived at in 8 months! I theorize the only way it found me was that I was living in the same building, just a different apartment.

So here I am. I can’t pay. I can’t go in to the offices until at least Monday. And even then, I have to work and I don’t want to waste a day sitting with incompetent oaf in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Very little sounds less fun!

So I am going to try again on Monday to call their “Customer Contact Center” and attempt to make contact with someone who wants to help this customer. Maybe their web site would even work.

But I’m not holding my breath…


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