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Don Imus said something stupid at 6:15 in the morning. Very few people were probably listening live and certainly not the Rutgers team he insulted.

Media watch picked it up, blogged it, and emailed everyone under the sun to bring light to the comments.

Then the shitstorm hit.

Everyone got all pissed off and went parading around.

I watched as a teary-eyed basketball team talk about how this totally destroyed all the good they did in the tournament and how this hurt them so deeply right down to their core.

Then the black leaders in the U.S. who like to throw themselves into any issue they can, whether it’s called for or not went parading through the media how this awful racist was destroying the hopes and dreams of these fine young women.

So now, Imus is out. For a single comment which, in my opinion, has gotten blown completely out of proportion.

I’ve not paid close or careful attention to this, and just picked up bits and pieces here and there. So I may be talking out of my ass, but the basic scenario is this.

“Imus calls basketball team nappy-headed hos.”

Did I get that right? Did I hit the nail on the head?

OK, so here’s what I think about all this.

Imus is out because no company will touch him with a 10-foot pole. Very, very few companies are going to advertise on his show after the media circus his comments have been turned into. This is not a freedom of speech issue. This is not a racism issue. He got canned for one thing, plain and simple. He. Is. Financially. Unviable.

If one man who, also talking out of his ass, can destroy all that you’ve spent months working and training for, then you’ve got some priority issues. Grow a thicker skin and learn the world is not all roses and chocolates. People will say things you don’t like or agree with. If an moron calls you a nappy headed ho, ignore him. He’s being an moron, nothing more. I’ve been called many, many worse things throughout my life and I’m not on national television getting anyone fired.

If this were a black radio personality, it would be laughed off. If this were a rapper, this would be a non issue as well. If this were a black radio personality calling a white basketball team nappy-headed hos we’d hear nothing about it. There is clearly a double standard in this country when it comes to who can call who what. When a rapper calls women hos, he sells millions of records, when a white guy calls women hos, he’s filleted by the media and it becomes The Big Story™ of the day.

This will blow over. In a couple weeks, no one will care anymore. The “moment of pure grace” stolen from the team will be forgotten and they’ll go back to just being a team. Imus will go back to work somewhere else. Where he will continue to be successful and his audience will follow. Whoever has the guts to make the move will reap the benefits of an instant huge audience. Maybe he’ll make the move to satellite radio. Maybe he’ll just sit back, look at his money and laugh at the whole thing. The point is, this too will pass.

Update: It has begun!


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