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Doomsday Official review in less than 140 characters: I R Serious movie. LOL Rickrolled U!

I just came from Doomsday. It hadn’t really been on my radar until my roommate texted, “want to go see a movie tonight?”

I did, so we did. We went to Short Pump (motto: Northern Virginia gridlock, without any of the cool stuff).

Doomsday opens much as 28 Days/Weeks/Months Later and Resident Evil does. Horrible disease quickly overruns country. Officials try to wall it off and it all goes wrong.

It’s a pretty good movie up to that point with a bit of super awesome technology that leads to many excellent scenes which I won’t give away here.

Then you get rickrolled! Right about the time we venture into Camelot and the Pythons of Monty take over the story and lead us through a bit of Gladiator, 300, and the Mad Max Thunderdome movies.

Then after that, the film makers decided to take the club scene from XXX and make that into half a movie. Then it becomes a car ad with some absolutely breathtaking cinematography. I laughed so hard through this entire movie. It’s certainly worth the money.

Granted, it’s not a must-see in the theater so you can rent or Netflix if you like. But it’s certainly worth watching.

I remember thinking about the time we hit the Lord of the Rings segment how the movie just stopped taking itself seriously, but it lulls you slowly from serious to ridiculous and it’s a lovely film once it does.

Some of the long, aerial car-driving-through-the-abandoned-country-with-perfectly-maintained-roads were a bit much but it doesn’t detract from a film that long ago stopped making total sense.

Doomsday is a very fun movie. Don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be a serious disease/zombie movie because it absolutely isn’t. Go into it looking to enjoy a fun ride through a beautiful countryside. And the Scottish accents. They’re lovely.

Who will like this movie?

Those looking for a fun movie that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Who will dislike this movie?

Zombie/disease/apocalypse/monster movie fans


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