Dream Job Dreamed 3866 days ago | | 141 words

I just got the job I an interviewing for today… in my dream.

It was a nice dream, I got there an hour early, changed into nice clothes, talked with some of the other guys who worked there and was going to be about 4 minutes late to the actual interview.

Then the interviewer walked in and said I had the job and they’d mail me the offer letter this week.

With that, I left and walked back…. somewhere (that’s where I woke up) though I think it was to a subway.

I love the subway.

I leave for this interview in D.C. in about 40 minutes. I hope it goes as well as the dream version of it did.

That being said, does anyone know of a good, safe, studio apartment near the Kennedy Center / Watergate Complex in DC that’s available come Feb? crosses fingers


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