Eden Prairie Dreamed 4999 days ago | | 258 words

I am in Eden Prairie, Minnesota tonight. I made it in one piece. After flying on possibly the tiniest jet plane known to man (that was certainly NOT Carl sized) then being crammed into a VERY FULL Bowing 737. Getting race ALL the way across Chicago’s O’hare Airport (which is the busiest and possibly the biggest in the world. Getting to wander all the way through Minneapolis’ airport to my rental car, that ended up being more than twice what I was told it would be (because I was reserved a more of a clown car (think Ford Focus) as opposed to something more Carl sized (like the Ford Taurus I ended up with, because I have one and I like familiar cars in strange places).

I passed the Best Buy HQ, a glimmering mecca of electronics on the interstate on the way to my hotel.

Where I found it had not been properly paid for either, so my card (which is now over $100 in the hole) is on file, which I will be rectifying tomorrow with a phone call and a fax.

At least I have spending money (you know, so I can eat this week) from work and a really nice place to stay. I am exhausted (having only gotten about 3 hours of sleep last night in anticipation)...

I am here. I am safe. I am going to be hunting for food soon.

I might hit Mall of America this week, since I saw a sign for it on my way out here.

So, that’s what’s up with me.


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