Engagement! - 12/17/2009 Dreamed 3297 days ago | | 373 words

I have moved the story of my engagement to Annie, my wife from our wedding site for posterity. And because it’s a cute story.


The evening of December 17th will always be a special one. It was Annie’s birthday!

In the evening, we went to Dave & Busters for dinner and gaming. We had a delicious meal and had a blast playing games. At the end of the evening, we cashed in part of our ticket stash for some goodies. As we headed home, I could tell her anticipation was growing as I’d told her I would not let her go out to see her family without some proper hardware on her finger to show off.

Since I was dropping her off at the airport early the next morning she knew I didn’t have much time.

When we arrived home, I pulled the gifts out of my bag and gave her the birthday gifts I had prepared and after them, I pulled out a small box.

Wrapped with a pretty bow. Just about the perfect size…

Her face glowed as she slowly unwrapped the tiny box. The anticipation growing with each passing second. She was ready for what is contained.

A Truffle!

She was mad. Delighted in receiving a delicious truffle but clearly not pleased it wasn’t a ring.

After that I told her that was it for her birthday presents. She then went to pack for the trip and I went upstairs to prepare her some birthday dessert.

This is when I enacted my plan. I took out the frozen custard and fresh strawberries I had stashed earlier in the evening. I carefully washed and cut the tops off each fruit. Carefully arranging the berries in the now-melting custard I took care to cut a small groove in the top of one of the largest berries.

I walked downstairs and asked Annie to close her eyes. She sat on her bed and closed her eyes. I walked over to her, dessert in hand and handed her the dessert. She opened her eyes and immediately spotted the sparkling ring.


I got down on my knees, looking her in the eyes, I asked for her hand in marriage. And, most importantly, she said yes.



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