Feast or Famine Pt. 1 Dreamed 5068 days ago | | 364 words

My life story from May to August.

In May I left Richmond to move northward into the realms of perpetual traffic after accepting a position to be half of a design team (the other half filled by my business partner and long-time friend). I moved out of my apartment which was convenient as my lease ended anyway. The was the end of the convenient part of that.

Two weeks prior I had reserved a Uhaul truck. Let me review, I thought I had reserved said truck. The morning came, no truck. My planning and reservation has yielded nothing but headaches and frantic calls to parents.

I looked high and low for a truck, as I had to be out of my apartment that day. And with nothing to pack my belongings into, I was majorly screwed.

Until Ryder saved my life. One desperate call to a Ryder office found it closed, their voice message redirected me to another office, one I had no idea where it was located. Following the message, I called the second location. And they had a truck, which I took, no questions asked.

Having the correctly-sized truck in my possession moments later, as the office was literally right around the corner from my apartment, all was well.

After placing calls back to both parents letting them know a truck had been procured, peace was restored.

We packed and cleaned the apartment. Getting everything done and out nearly by the deadline, but it was ok since everything was clean by 4pm and the inspection, we had just not quite finished moving everything out due to the truck fiasco that morning.

We got on the road around 6pm with me in the Ryder truck, my mom and brother driving my car. Dinner was procured courtesy of Wa-Wa in Fredericksburg.

Upon reaching Berryville it was too late and we were too tired to unpack anything. So I grabbed the bare bones of what I needed (clothes and music) and headed inside to catch up with my dad and then to sleep.

And what a restful sleep it was. I was absolutely exhausted from the week of frantic packing, truck hunting and taking boxes from one pile and putting them on another pile.


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