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I am getting very fed up with Microsoft’s inability to turn my phone call reporting my Xbox 360 needing service into an actual service request. No box. No confirmation I’ve called before. No nothing.

The last time I called, before Thanksgiving, they send the box to West Virginia! I live in Richmond, VA. No West in that name anywhere.

I have very little faith they’ll get it right this time either since the first time it died in April they sent me an email confirming the call and letting me know they were aware of the issue and to go ahead and ship the box to them.

This was literally a week before they started offering the free shipping and boxes.

Well, it’s been about a week now and I’ve heard nothing. No email. No box.

I confirmed my address with Indian Moron #12 about 7 times before I was satisfied he had it correct. Even though he read it back correctly, I am still unconvinced they can successfully ship me a box.

Visual aids always improve explanations!

Xbox shipping fun!

I live here in Richmond, VA (A on the map). My box was sent to Kanawha Falls, WV (B on the map) According to Google Maps, my box was shipped 231 mi – about 5 hours 6 mins away from my actual home. Perhaps to a very confused family who does not even own an Xbox.

So here we are, another week later and my Xbox 360 does not play a single game reliably. Nor will it read DVDs or CDs without great amounts of fiddling, cursing and threats. (Note: Halo 3 has booted up flawlessly every time. I swear that game is part of the internal operating system or something.)

So I have a Halo box… Not an Xbox 360. I even have Valve’s Orange Box sitting at home with no way to actually play it. Did I mention I can’t use the Xbox Service site.

I am continually greeted with
Xbox 360 Service site error

Helpful isn’t it? So I can’t check the status online. I have to call the indian call center who “cannot hear me, it must be my phone” funny how I can call anyone else and they can hear me fine. Yet, when I call the loudest call center EVER (seriously, I can hear other calls around the agent I’m trying to talk to) they insist it is my phone that is messing up.

I verified my address 6 times for this person.
I bet the box doesn’t show up.
I can’t use big words like “correct” when I call them because every time I said “correct” there was a long pause and the reply was “Mr. Holscher, are you there?” so I took to saying “Yes!” in my best “I am talking to an automated system” voice and that seemed to work.

So here I am, attempting to get service on a console I bought for fun. This will be my third Xbox in less than 2 years. I just hope I can actually get it repaired sometime before 2009.

Microsoft, you’re doing a great job selling me closer and closer to a Wii and a PS3.


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