Going to War Dreamed 4527 days ago | | 250 words

There have been a couple of things that happened recently which got me thinking. Who would go to war with me. If something needed to be done, and I needed people to stand at my side on a crusade of vengeance or justice or revenge, who would stand with me?

I know with one phone call I could have 2 very large white men at my disposal to go to war in an instant. My brothers from down south. Big White Boys. Rick and I’ve been friends since Berryville and have only gotten closer with time, no matter where we are. And Big John I’ve known since he met Rick in college and he’s another friend I’d go to war for. Let me be clear. This goes both ways. If they ever needed me for anything I’d be there.

There are a lot of people in my life that would not do the same. I could be there for them and when I needed them… where are they? Off somewhere. Gone.

Think about that. That’s when you find out wh your true friends really are. That’s when you find out who’d go for war with you?

There are some people here I know I can count on. Friends I’ve known forever and mean more to me than anything. You know who you are. You’re the ones I’d move the fucking earth for if I could. You’re the ones I’d come to your aid across cities, states, countries. I love you all.


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