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May is fast approaching.
The end of this contract is quickly crashing to an end.
So may my time in Richmond?

I think it might be time to move on and take myself to a new locale. Manassas, VA holds a holy land of sorts…
Guaranteed full-time employment, a real job with benefits. $30,000 / yr.
I would e doing web design (and perhaps some print as well) full-time.
This is a dream come true for me. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a designer. It’s all I think about. Day and night… Night and day… I dream, sleep, eat and think design pretty much all the time. If I’m awake, I’m pretty much pondering design, or wishing I could be designing, instead of sitting at “work” now, answering tech calls and supporting users… yeah, that’s enough to drive me completely batshit insane.

In Richmond, I have all the people I went to school with, which is basically my friends group and quai-support network. And I think I’ll miss some of the guys and gals… And Manassas is not exacly an ideal place to be… but the lure of work I want to do, and getting paid good money to do it might be too much for me. Because let’s face it, there’s not much cooking in Richmond. After this contract ends, I’ve got nothing cooking, nothing even on the back burner, front burner, or sitting on the counter thawing.

I got nothing.

So… I can stay in Richmond, and hunt for a new meaningless job… Or I can go to Manassas and walk into guaranteed money, benefits, awesome work with one of my best friends for a guy who is really cool and cares about his employees and people he does business with.

It’s a great thing to know you won’t be treated like shit by your boss. That’s a big draw in and of itself. Well that… and the work… and the money… and the benefits… and well, there’s really no bad side to this move… except well, I have to move. Away. And that in a way terrifies me.

I hate moving.

I am still so totally torn about this whole thing. I want to take this job, but I don’t want to leave my friends behind… and the place I’ve lived for the past 4 years of my life.

I like Richmond, I guess, I don’t really feel in place there, but then again, I’ve never felt “in place” anywhere I’ve ever lived. So that’s nothing new. I don’t fit anywhere, why should I think that I will now. And besides, it’s not forever. It’s not like my life is going to be set in stone forever and for good.

But I am feeling right now like I need to take this opportunity, or I would really regret it for a long time. Especially if I got roped into something meaningless and boring like where I am now… I am not cut out for a life in tech support. It’s just not for me. It’s even farther away from where I want to be then I ever have been.

“So, did you major in programming for networking?” This is what I got asked mainly when I got to the DEQ. Answer: “Advertising.”

Though that is a lie too. I only persued advertising as I knew I would never make it through the art school to get into graphic design, and you know… get a formal training in color theory, typography and all those things that “real” designers get.

No, I took the road less traveled and riddled with pot holes. Advertising is basically tech support for consumers. Problem: Company needs you to pimp their goods. So they come to you (help desk request). You answer the call and help the company out with a killer campaign (going to user’s desk and fixing their problem). Customer is happy and can continue making what they make or doing what they do.

Advertising would drive insane because it’s more about what the advertisee wants than actual design. Design is what you can fit in while trying to make everyone happy and get paid for the project.

As a web designer, I’d be doing design pieces as promotional work for car shows, biker rallys, and mainly, a shop that sells and services custom choppers (motorcycles). Not exactly a field I am real knowledgeable in, but it mainly revolves around making bikes look sexy.

And on top of this, any work we wanted to take on in addition to this work, we are free to do as long as we get the main work done. Did I mention FREEDOM with this new job as well, and the guy I’d be working for is totally awesome.

So… I am still where I started… torn about what to do… but also how and when do I tell everyone. There are some people who will take it very hard if/when I take this job and move.

So many things to consider…. time is slipping away…

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