How It All Began Dreamed 5209 days ago | | 230 words

Why I started design originally was an avenue to reach people. I should start over. In the beginning I started designing and publishing magazines. Starting at Johnson-Williams Middle School, I worked on a few magazines there (which I still have in a box somewhere).
From there, I went to Clarke County High School and helped begin a literary magazine there. Under the guidance of the brilliant Clark Hansbarger, we grew the magazine from an after school club to a credited class in a very short time.
While there, we put together multiple magazines every year. When we headed down to the VHSL Publications Conference at VCU every year we would take our 2 or 3 magazines with us to show off. We got lots of amazed looks that we had managed more than one in a school year. Those were always fun trips, and was a big reason I ended up going to VCU for college.
Anyway, getting back on track, I love design. And I got into it as a way to reach people. From the early magazine designs I helped to create, to later on when I started seriously in the new medium of web design way back in 1998. I want to reach people and influence them.
I wanted to change the world, for the better, through the message that design can bring.
I still do.

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