How to screw the customer Dreamed 4043 days ago | | 203 words

Monitor your phone support techs with First Call Resolution (FCR). Basically, this is the percentage of calls handled by the technician without having to assign out a ticket.

There’s a lot I can handle, especially with the remote access capabilities I can troubleshoot a lot of issues. However, anything on a telephone, server, network, and hardware issues are completely out of my control.

To maintain a “proper” FCR, tickets get created as work orders instead of problem logs. There is a big difference here. Problem logs must be completed within 3 days. Work orders must be completed in 60 days. See the different here?

When we assign tickets, the person we assign to has sixty days to complete the work detailed in the ticket.

It is a disservice to the customer. Putting the “help” desk’s priorities in direct violation with servicing and helping the customers we are supposedly here to help.

This is the first position I’ve held where my responsibility to the customer is literally put at odds with the metrics used to judge my work performance.

The FCR metric is a sham. Anything that takes away from helping the customer is screwing the customer. And last time I checked, that was not my job.


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