Hulu Desktop Mini review Dreamed 3736 days ago | | 275 words

I love the new Hulu Desktop app from Hulu labs. I downloaded it last week when it was released. I’ve been enjoying it everyday since. I am in love with this application. It allows full access to the entire Hulu site with a sleek and clean navigation.

While logged in, I can do everything I can do in the site. I can add videos to my queue, rate, subscribe and of course, play. Which leads me to the killer feature as far as I’m concerned.

I can watch full screen video on a second monitor while continuing to use my MacBook normally. That’s right, full screen video on monitor 2 while using my MacBook to write this review.

Before this app was release, I watched Hulu primarily using the pop-out video feature then pulling that window full screen and enjoying the video. The app takes it to the next level. The video looks gorgeous but is not without its problems.

A couple of times at the end of the commercial break, the video would restart from the beginning. Not a show stopper but a little annoying. Every now and again the video will stop and seem to lose its place. Even after pausing it, the buffer would not refill nor would the video continue.

I filed a big report using the little bug icon from the menu and the support tech told me they’d received lots of reports of the commercial resetting video issue.

Both bugs are minor and neither really detract that much from the application. I am sure in later iterations these will be taken care of and the app will get even better.


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