Hurricane Richmond Dreamed 5402 days ago | | 126 words

It rained Tuesday.
But you know this.
If you are anywhere near Richmond.
If you are not.

We are a state of emergency.
We got over 11 inches of rain.
Large portions of the city are now islands or no longer there.

You determined your commute by calculating the number of rivers you must cross, IQ of drivers near you, number of people sitting in the middle of the intersection, blocking all progress for your street and quantity of dumbasses in huge SUVs burying your car in a wall of water and coming at you from across medians.

However, the BBC GhettoBlaster got me home in one piece.

I love that car. Too bad it’s dying, and dying quick…

2PM TRIVIA: What does the BBC stand for in BBC GhettoBlaster?

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