I had a dream last night. Dreamed 3338 days ago | | 722 words

I woke up this morning like it was any other morning. However, I had a dream last night. This is a rarity in that I actually remembered something from it.

I was getting on the Metro train to go to work in the morning just like any other day. Except I was getting on at a station along a body of water. I don’t know which body of water but some large body of water.

I was on the train and then all of a sudden I was off the train but on a track going over the water. I have no idea why or how I got there. I was crawling along it, worried another train would come by and moment. I remember crawling under another track that was practically laying on top of the track I was on. I pushed it up with the ease of a child moving a Lego minifig. It was a simple push and I was under it and it bounced back when I let go and moved back and forth as if it was on a spring or something.

I was under this rail track and moving along. All of the sudden I decided I had to get to land immediately. I don’t remember there being a train coming or any immediate threat. I think I decided it was going to take far too long to crawl the distance of the track to my destination.

So I jumped.

I plunged into the water. It wasn’t cold or hot or anything. It was murky I remember and I could see under it and it didn’t bother my eyes at all. I swam towards the shore with my bag full of things for the day, including my netbook and PC laptop. I tried to get to shore but with my clothes and bag it was slow going. Then I decided to dive down to the bottom of the river, lake, ocean, whatever it was I was in. It seemed like a river or canal from the stony sides of the waterway. So I dove down to the bottom and jumped with all my might off the sandy ground and sped towards the top and the shore. I did this numerous times with varying degrees of success.

I finally made it to the stony sides of the embankment. I don’t remember how I got up to dray land after that. I think there was a ladder. So I climbed it. I was on shore, walking down a paved street back towards the metro station where I had begun the day to catch the next train. I was dripping wet and trying to wring out my shirt and pants and things best I could. My bag drenched as well.

Halfway back to the station, I stopped and reached into my bag, worried all of the sudden about the contents of my bag. I remember it being sort of about the computers inside but they didn’t seem like the highest priority. I reached in and miraculously, both computers were fine and booted up with no problem. I was beginning to dry off and that’s where it ended…

Me, crouched in the street or sidewalk. Taking stock of the contents of my bag. Trying to figure out how I was going to get to work and if I’d still be on time and if my clothes would dry…

I never thought about going home to change them. I never thought about calling out sick or anything. I was very concerned about making it to work and not getting left on the rail over the water again.

I have no idea where this dream came from or why it ended when it did. Maybe I woke up. I don’t recall.

It’s also still very vivid in my mind two and a half hours later. Usually when I do dream, the details fade very quickly and if I don’t write them down or record them immediately after waking up enough to write or type, they’re gone. But here it is, 10:29am and I’m recalling the dream I woke up from at 8am very vividly.

Quite a way to start a Monday morning. I have no idea what it means. But here I am sitting at work in my darkened cubicle, spilling everything I can remember to this terminal flickering in the darkness.


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