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In the last year I’ve had the joy of using a Macbook as my primary computer. By day, I rely on Windows to continue to be broken and petty with its complaints, errors, and general bugginess to keep a pay check. (I work Desktop Support at an industrial plant.)

Something that has dawned on me in my dealing with both platforms, and the dabbling I’ve done in SUSE and Ubuntu is how the different systems treat the users.

In a nutshell, this is how I see the breakdown:

Now, onto what I mean by these massively generalized breakdowns. On the mac, it doesn’t bombard you with pop ups tool tips providing “helpful” information to you. The OS is very powerful. However, it’s laid out in such a way that if I don’t want to see the dirty unixy bits, I never have to and can blissfully click my way through the aquatic UI. If I want to get down and dirty, all the tools I want are there, and what’s not, I can easily find. In short, the Mac’s OS stays out of my way and lets me get into my groove and if I need it to help me, it can. But it doesn’t force it on me.

Windows. Windows I sum up as being Clippy or that cursed dog on the default XP search bar. I have to click multiple times to get through Microsoft’s “helpfulness” to get anywhere. When I want to search, I have to tell it I want to search for a file, no I don’t want to play with the dog. Yes, please give me a bar to type my query into.

In addition to this, there are a million pop ups coming from the task bar. There are unused icons on your desktop! (Whoever thought this would be “helpful” in the SLIGHTEST I’d like to meet, then stab in the ear with clippy). It tells me my resolution could be higher. My USB device could perform faster! There are available updates!

Now, I am not blind. I can plainly see the gold update icon. I know I am plugging a USB 2 device into a USB 1 slot. I know my resolution could be higher. And if Windows, like the Mac or Linux, could include some DRIVERS and DETECT what I’ve got in the box, I could USE the higher resolutions.
Really, this whole article is about how much I detest the tool tip pop ups Windows constantly bombards you with. Moving on.

With Linux, my experience is only at the dabbling level so take this (as with everything else previously, with a grain of salt, maybe two). That being said, in Linux, at least Ubuntu and SUSE all the answers to your questions are out there. You just have to work to find them. The Ubuntu community is thriving and massive with many resources and tips and tricks being posted all over the place. A quick Googling will usually reveal the answer of what you’re after.

You can build the OS any way you’d like and include or exclude anything you’d like to make it work for you. However, it doesn’t go out of its way to help you and what you need may or may not be there from the get go.

So, who hates the plethora of notifications Windows throws in your face as much as I do?


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