I love the Wii Fit Plus! Dreamed 3422 days ago | | 359 words

That said, I can’t actually use the Wii Fit Plus because I am a big over the maximum weight supported by the balance board. I need a weight-sensing phone book instead! Despite all that I did have a blast playing it tonight with Annie.

She is able to use the Wii Fit as it is intended so she did the games and Yoga and things on the board while I jogged/cycled/segwayed/Yoga’d along next to her, looking like a loon to the passerby (if we hadn’t drawn the shades).

There are some things that are kinda worthless without the board. For instance the “Lotus Focus” which is basically “sit really still on the Wii Balance Board” I could have done along side her but why?

There are plenty of things where I can stretch and jog and pretend to steer right along with her. It is these games where I too can derive the benefit of the Wii Fit experience and grow to a more normal sized human being. This excites me. I need to lose weight. I want to lose weight. I know I need to workout but every time I start it never sticks.

The Wii is taking my love of video games and using to fuel my excitement to workout. I love it. I love the Wii Fit. I love the games!

There is one that is an obstacles course which I compare to playing to Mario in first person. From the early days of playing the NES at my babysitter’s house I started out jumping when Mario did. (Admit it, you all did it!)

Nintendo has taken that to its logical conclusion of actually making your character jump when you jump. Run when you run and the plethora of other activities the disc has in store for us.

We only played about 90 minutes tonight exploring the different categories the game had to offer. But from the sampling of what we played I am very confident we will get many, many hours of enjoyment and improvement from them.

I am excited. Finally, I can mix video games with self-improvement and perhaps one day I will just be tall and not fat.


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