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I need to have a better relationship with the words I write. I’ve been not writing as much ever since I started college. And I think I finally figured out why.

Let me backtrack… In high school I was never without a notebook and at least a small army of pens. Usually 3-5 pens of varying colors were at my side. I prefer Pilot pens for their crisp lines, quick drying and good feel to my large hands.

I used to write all the time. Whether it be poetry, prose, or just random verses that leapt into my head, it all got recorded. In notebooks. With those pens.

This leads me back to today. Since college, I’ve been primarily a being of computers. My pens while still present, have been reduced to a single Pilot adorning a left pocket, or below the bottom button of a polo shirt.

The Notebooks have been a rotating cast of characters. Either too big or too flimsy to last the many months it takes to get through all of their blank pages. I have made a change. I picked up a small moleskine this weekend at a book store. It now lives in my back pocket.

I am trying to make a change. I am trying to write more. Not type. Not IM. Not email. But put pen to paper and press firmly and watch the beautiful black lines flow across their ivory fields.

I am going to try to write more and spend some time writing and letting my words and thoughts flow onto a totally uncomputerized source. Hopefully this will give me the motivation I seek and allow me to return to writing more often than once in a blue moon.

I have more words to write and ideas to get out of my head. Assuming my hand writing has not degraded to the point of pure chicken scratch. At best, it was solid “C” work in grade school. I can’t say it’s improved much. The amalgamation of cursive and script letters. Capitalized and lower case all blending together.

Perhaps it’s time to revive a project I thought up many, many years ago. To write a page (of a small notebook) worth of words, scan and post them. I always thought it would give a bit of humanity to the cold mechanized world my writing has become trapped in.

Either way, I hope to have a better relationship with my words.


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