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Go see it. Mike Judge’s latest masterwork. Buried by the studios. Unpromoted. Depromoted. Swept under the cinematic rug.

But it’s brilliant.

Mike Judge is the mastermind behind Office Space and needs to keep making movies.

Briefly, the premise is two people are placed in a military experiment about cryogenic freezing. However, the project goes horribly awry and is scrapped in under a year and the two victims are frozen until 500 years into the future. Where the world has become so stupid, it’s literally destroying itself.

It’s a hysterical movie that seems just a bit too plausible. Imagine Orwell’s 1984, except where totalitarian control is replaced by stupidity.

There is also a fantastic article over at Speak Up about the graphic design and art used in the film. It’s really quite fantastic. There was a lot of thought that went into it and it shows.


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