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Beware, more gushing follows

So, I’ve been having some conversations about religion with a certain Mormon who I have fallen completely and totally for.

I’d like to share just a tiny portion of our conversations to show exactly why I am totally in love with her.

She is the type of religious person I can get along with. You can still have fun with religion and there will be no lightening bolts coming down from the sky.

Nor will John Smith show up at your doorstep with a club to beat me.

Pimp Jesus

jesus protects his own
running over the whores!

Jesus. Killin the whores!

do you think i’m going to hell yet?

That’s a very, very strong pimp hand he keeps.

Annie – daylightfading20
he really does
he keeps it in a glove
until it’s ready to use
so it doesn’t get damaged
he has hand workouts

Jesus Action Figure.
(She also has an 8-ball Jesus.)

You have an actual Jesus action figure…
I’m not sure if I’m frightened or impressed.

i really want the moses and mary ones too
and have a whole set
and make videos

That. Is. Pretty. Cool.

i know

What sort of movies would you make?

probably jesus beating the sinners

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