Judge in the dark Dreamed 4405 days ago | | 154 words

I wrote this in a comment earlier tonight. It’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. How people see each other and how they interact. Good fodder for a longer article, if I can find the words to write it.

I think traditional lines of gender and gender roles are breaking down so much that it freaks people out. I mean hell, I know guys who act very effeminate and girls who could win belching contests (and have).

I take people for the people they are and don’t get hung up on stupid shit. I judge people in the dark. Meaning I’ll judge you by what I can see when the lights go out. If you’re chill and intelligent then we’re cool. If you’re an ignorant fucker, then we’re not so cool.

Looks don’t mean shit. Hell, you can surgery away looks (yes, surgery is my verb) but you can’t operate on your personality.


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