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So I made the decision recently to stop drinking soda. Or at least severely reduce my intake (1-2 per week instead of 2-3 per day).
I don’t remember the exact day and I don’t care.

What’s important is I have replaced my daily soda habit with bottled water, at times enhanced with Crystal Light packets that flavor it pleasingly.

I am drinking between 1 and 2 liters of water everyday I go to work instead of nursing sodas. At home I’ve been drinking more water since we’ve been keeping a pitcher full of it in the apartment.

There is something about keeping a pitcher of ice cold water handy that motivates me to drink it. So I do.


Of course, playing Rock Band and needing to keep my mouth wet and cool doesn’t hurt either. But the pitches of water is a fantastic, yet tiny decision. That simple act has probably done more to make me drink water than anything else.

So I’ve quit soda and embraced water. It’s a good change I want to keep up.

Dating Annie has been good for me. She is a water addict so when we’re out I’ll order water by default now instead of a coke or a mountain dew. It’s so much better for me and it’s a small thing.

Annie is smiley

I credit her for the constant encouragement and support as well for keeping me motivated and positive.

I was talking to her tonight and I realized I felt really good. I was just sitting in the big, comfy chair after a couple hours of Rock Band listening to a podcast.

I said,

feel really good tonight.
I feel so happy and relaxed.

And she replied

it made me really happy to hear that you feel good tonight
you usually don’t say that

And I realized I don’t. While my entire outlook on life has changed since I met and started dating her, my physical self has still been tired and sore and bleh.

That is now starting to change. I am starting to feel better in the evenings and not so run down. I realized it was the caffeine comedown hitting me when I got home.

Without that, I feel happier in the evenings and I have begun coding more again and working on projects and actually making headway.

I have a new sense of optimism and renewal about me and I hope to keep this going. I want to make a habit of water. I want to make a habit of thinking more about what I put in my body and making this massive body smaller.

The next step is to add some exercise to it.

I have changed my outlook on exercise as well. I don’t have to go out and kill myself. I don’t have to run for 20-40 minutes at a time and feel exhausted afterwards. I just need to get out and walk.

Either at the gym, or around the pond at work. I just need to walk. Anything is better than nothing! That’s the mindset I need to get myself into and stay in.

It’s the little changes I need to make, not the giant life-altering ones. Those will come with time. But for now, I just need to focus on getting myself into better shape and happier all the way around.

Once I do that, I will be more productive, more creative and more content with my life. And with that, my stress level will go down. And for anyone who knows me, that is certainly a good thing!


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