Mental Health Day Dreamed 4349 days ago | | 183 words

It has now come time to walk over to my customer’s office and install software for her.

If she is not there, I will, however, set fire to the place and run away giggling.

I will then retreat to my office. Lock the door. And blast heavy metal for the rest of the afternoon.

As a final act of insanity, I will unplug every. single. server. in this room (approximately 2 dozen) but not before removing their primary hard discs and microwaving them for approximately 450 minutes of until golden brown.

Allow them to cool and serve them up to my employer in a silver platter (platter from primary hard drive extracted out of the MAIN domain controller) and force feed them to my “boss” who’s usefulness can be best described as “point haired.”

Then, I fully intend to spend the remainder of my natural life behind bars (the drinky kind, not prison)… in Guatemala.

Where I will become an alcoholic.

Build a boat.

And sail to Fiji.

Because I hear they have good water there.

Addendum: The software I was to install is already installed. And the customer, nowhere in sight.


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