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I am wondering why I’ve not been paid when I was supposed to receive the first check from my new job on Dec. 7th. So I call the staffing agency up. I find out I have not been paid since they filled out my paperwork incorrectly and put my start date a week later. The first two days I worked, in effect, didn’t get credited.

I will get that money on December 21st. A whole 4 days before Christmas. I have about $20 my name because I quit my last job, went on vacation for a week for Thanksgiving, then returned to begin working at GE. Expecting to receive my first two days of pay (a couple hundred dollars) on the 7th.

So I call the staffing agency back to ask if they could cut me a check since it’s very close to Christmas and I could really use that money, and it was entirely their mistake in misfiling my paperwork.

The response is no, they “cannot cut checks as their pay system is bi-weekly.” Meaning basically, no. We screwed up. Now you will pay for it. Have a nice day.

I’m in Virginia. They’re in Michigan. Good to know they care.

Here I sit, with less than $20 to my name and bills coming due at week’s end with no pay in sight for the next 9 days.

Merry Christmas indeed.


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