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For years it’s been called Insomnia. But it’s not. My mind races when “bedtime” comes. What is bedtime anyway?

For me, bedtime is when I really get going and my brain wakes up and gets ready to process. Let me explain with a story.

When I was in high school, my bedtime was 10pm. That’s when my mom wanted me to get off the computer and turn off the T.V. and head to bed. Presumably to sleep.

However, what more often happened was I would write, draw, listen to music, or read a book until 1am or later. Then I’d be a zombie the next day. I never slept well. I never do with rules of sleeping enforced upon me.

Problem with this was my sleep times are not compatible with most of the world. I wake during the nights and sleep during the days. I much rather “stay up late” than get up early.

I much rather work over night on a project or just relax because it’s just that. More relaxing. I can focus better at night with fewer distractions.

I can get more done in less time than I can during the day, having to fight others around me, others who want my attention, and the things I must do to be a member of society.

During the nights, these things are all pretty much nonexistant. My family and most friends are asleep. Nothing is open so I can’t run many errands or make any phone calls.

It’s peaceful. I’m peaceful and I can enter “the zone” which much has been written about. It’s where you block out all else and focus solely on the task at hand. Nothing else.


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