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While discussing old software with a friend who has foreseen the Retro PC Movement of 2010.

Chris : I wonder when people will start the retro OS movement.

Chris : it happened with 8-bit video games, I’m just waiting for t-shirts that say Win3.1 or the happy Mac icon


Chris : that will be in hot topic stores on stickers and shirts by 2010, mark my words.

I got to thinking about my solitary reason for moving from Windows 2000 Pro to XP Pro.
It was 100% shallow and totally not function related.
It was themes.
I could make my Windows install look (and function) like a Mac far easier and with less hacking than I could under Windows 2000.
That’s the only reason.

This got me thinking about how I move into a PC. In my last couple jobs I have moved the taskbar to the top of the screen. I install little apps like Multimon Taskbar (gives my second monitor a taskbar) and a little app to convert image formats in the contextual menu when the image is clicked. These little things help my work flow and aid my productivity.

For the first time, I was looking at my PC at work today… My dual monitor setup with it’s stock gray XP theme. Taskbars at the bottom. Short of a NIN wallpaper, I’ve left it untouched.

I never really moved in. Never made it mine. This was always a borrowed PC. Not something for the long haul. And now, as my 7 month reign of support ends, I see it. I never moved in. I never got comfortable enough to kick my feet off.

The most I did was install Google Chrome. (A joy to use.)

I should have known this was going to end soon. I never made it my own. Never took off my shoes and kicked the tires. Much like a college dorm, I was a nomad, just passing through.


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