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So last night I got home from work at a reasonable hour. Instead of the 9pm I rolled in the day after Christmas. I was exhausted and could only think of the leftover pizza and sleep.

So what did I do?

You guessed it. I curled up in my big chair with my pizza, glass of milk, and MacBook and for the next 7 hours I coded, hacked, installed, configured, cursed, chatted and stayed awake.

First, I learned that someone had written a mt-daapd plugin for FreeNAS).ashx which allows you to share a folder on your FreeNAS box to iTunes directly. So now I can share my library of music with anyone who can access the network at home. It will make sharing between my Megan my roommate easier as well.

In addition to that, FreeNAS hit a stable release so I felt comfortable to upgrade it.

After enjoying the streaming fruits of my labor, I turned my attention to my ailing Xbox 360 which has taken to only reading certain games. And the first coffin I called for never arrived. So now I need to call back and get another one sent which I loathe to do because calling the Xbox Help Line in India is like an operation at the hands of Dr. Giggles. So I’ve put that off. Besides, it will still play the few games Megan and I are obsessed with.

During the last Dashboard update, Microsoft nicely added the ability to place DIVX files through the media connect part of the Xbox. So now I can pump my ripped movies through the tubes to my projector and watch them in on my lovely 96” screen featuring picture ON picture.


Instead of on my tiny MacBook. So that’s been a large improvement to how I watch movies. I love movies. But I hate DVDs. I want whatever I want to watch to be at my fingertips. So I’ve taken to ripping them to my FreeNAS box instead.

After the FreeNAS exploration, I turned my attention to the two message boards I run. One for the slain musician Chad Miller and one for a pet project and brainstorm of Rollin called Muck Monsters.

The Chad board has been up since he was murdered in 2004 as a place for his fans and friends to talk and share his music and to keep his memory alive. It, however, is running on phpbb and I would love to move it to another system. However, I lack the technical chops to export and reimport the databases for it to another system like Vanilla or PunBB both of which have migration tools which I’ve used with limited success.

The Much Monsters board was a place to share stories similar to the Acts of Gord and RinkWorks’ Computer Stupidities. It’s been down for a couple of years again, because it’s run on phpbb and maintaining became too time consuming. Again, I’d love to migrate it to another platform assuming the mysql DB is still intact. If it’s not, then setting the site back up will be a simple matter of just choosing a new forum and going. Either way, it’s something I’d like to bring back.

The reason I’ve been thinking about bringing the site back and helping Chad’s site to grow is somewhat personal. I have done a lot of projects and I’ve built/maintained a lot of sites. But you’d never know it.

I don’t even have a proper portfolio anywhere online and that has kept me from finding a real job as a web designer. It’s been a perpetual todo item and just seems to keep falling through the cracks and now I know why.

I am too much of a perfectionist.

I never feel that my work is good enough to be posted. I have many, many half-finished or 90% finished designs that never see the light of day and can name 5 projects off the top of my head I never launched because I was not satisfied with them.

I need to be less of a perfectionist and launch more things. I can always go back and make changes later if I need to. I just need to start bringing my ideas to life and not worrying about making them perfect!

I need to have more fun, have more faith in myself and share my ideas with people. I think they’ll find some of them as amusing as I do.

Do not mistake this as a new year’s resolution or any such thing. This is just me thinking and a continuation of rethinking parts of my life. I need less stuff and to declutter what I’ve got. I am learning to relax and calm down before I act. I saw how other live their lives and it was a refreshing change.

I have always been a very introverted, introspective person. I think my current thinking of renewal and lessening of my undue burdens will keep me on the right track.
And of course, with the addition of the girl who knocked me off my feet and taught me that awesome people say duh I have completely changed my outlook on life and my mood has been incredibly improved.

2 months 18 days...

This is all for the better. As the people around me will attest.

Thanks in part to the Brazen Careerist I learned I am in control of my employment and I owe nothing to the companies who hire me as a contractor. Never stop looking for a better opportunity. Just because you are hired for a one-year contract does not mean you owe them a year of your life. Especially when you’re only a contractor.

I am in control of my future and my life. I will live it as I see fit and I will no longer sell myself short.


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