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I added archives to the site tonight. You can find them on the main nav. I’ve removed my ill-fated workout an exercise blog since it never gets updated, because I never exercise.
Nothing else to report. Been tweaking a few things on the new Splintered Reality site that I hope to take live in the coming days. I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

The new album is in my hands and on my iPod and I really dig it. It’s nice to hear tracks that previously had been pushed by machines into files to be played by real live human beings. The sound is so much richer and real than it was before.
I hope everyone will like it. I sure do. Granted, I’m terribly biased.

Tthere be archives. Even though this site has been around for nearly three years, I’ve only really been writing at on it full-time for the past couple months and that is painfully obvious by the huge gaps in the archives.

Eventually I want to pull in the posts from Xanga (yes, I had a xanga account way back in the mists of time). I started it in 2001 and while much of it is angsty college freshman crap, there are some gems there I want to preserve. The same goes for my livejournal.

One day I’ll put all my collected writings together and even relaunch my collected poetry writings and add them to this site along with the lyrics to many songs left unrecorded.

So much content in the past that only I know about. I need to work on getting it out there. It will help complete who I am and that is really the goal of Insomniac’s Dream Sequence. To tell my story.


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