Never fight a war of attrition with a guinea pig Dreamed 5079 days ago | | 190 words

I cleaned James’ cage last night.
And I put him in the enclosure.
Well, I apparently did not latch it all the way.
And he was able to wiggle his little piggy self out.
He then scampered under the bed.
Where, for the next 20 minutes, he made little piggy bombing runs.

Darting out for the veggies I had laid as a trap for him.
I swear that pig was waging a war.
I’ve never seen a little pigger move so fast and decidedly.
These were predefined routes he was running.
Knowing the exact path to take to assure I could not grab him before he made it back to “base.”

Though he was eventually apprehended with some clever carrot wrangling and stealth (I hid on the bed so he could not see me) because as soon as I made a move in his direction, he would take flight back to the bedfort, abandoning his veggie.

It was a hard fought battle, but eventually I prevailed.
And I replaced him into his nice clean cage.
Where he proceeded to glare at me.

So I pet his piggy head and he purred.

The End.


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