Normal Dreamed 3980 days ago | | 192 words

I’ve made my relationship mistakes in the past. I’ve picked some people to be with who did not respect me. I was theirs all day everyday.

Only, I did not realize it.

Now, being with Annie, I see how a healthy relationship should work. I see how love should be. If I don’t see her for a weekend she doesn’t go to pieces and guilt trip me into feeling like a war criminal. If we don’t talk for a night, or much one night. It’s sad for both of us, but it’s not apocalyptic. It happens. We move past it and talk lots the next night.

In the past I’ve dreaded how much time I have to spend with someone. With her, I want to spend all the time I can because it’s so good.

It’s so good to be with someone (for nearly a year!!!) who makes me feel so good and I don’t have to change a single iota of my personality to please.

She loves me for me.

I love her for her.

I never feel like I can tell her enough how good she makes me feel and how wonderful life has been with her.


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