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I will never understand this country. I will very soon be 26 and will have lived all of those years in this country most in Virginia, though I was born in Washington, D.C.

(Which is great fun to tell people I was born within the US but not in any state or commonwealth and watch the puzzlement contort their face).

So here we are. The Super Bowl happened. It was a great battle of which team would suck most in the FumBowl 2007. The Bears won that award for those of you playing along at home.

The big stories coming out of this year’s “Big Game” is not the game itself but the fallout. Not from Prince’s half-time ShadowCock moment. It went unnoticed through the millions of eyes and angry letter writers that apparently love the cock but fear the breast.

This is all about the ads.

The first victim of Operation We’re A Bunch Of Morons (OWaBoM) was the Snickers ad, featuring afterthekiss.com you know which one I mean.

The Snickers After The Kiss Ad

Though don’t bother going to afterthekiss.com. Snickers has since pulled the spot, redirected the domain to Snickers.com.

There has been much said about the ad and while being one of the most powerful ads of the year, and possibly ever, it also may hurt sales. Since while it helps advertising to be entertaining and memorable, it’s still advertising which has only one goal. To move product/services from merchant to consumer. To make you, me, and that guy over there on the corner to buy things. Lots of things and do it as often as possible.

Maybe the ad was pulled because of its sales-hurting potential. But I think it’s far more likely it was pulled due to its content. Which, I feel would have gone over completely differently had the ad featured two women. But I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

The second victim of Operation We’re A Bunch Of Morons (OWaBoM) is the brilliant GM ad featuring a car-building robot who gets laid off and commits suicide… in a dream! A robot dreams of suicide. So now the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has asked GM to pull the ad. Possibly fearing other robots will commit suicide and we’ll really be doomed then.

Caution: I am now going to show you the ad which has caused all the ruckus. Please, please don’t kill yourself because of it. I know it’s hard. But be strong. For me.

The GM Robot Ad

Is everyone still with us? No one felt the urge to end it all? I mean, it’s not like I showed you the Ikea Lamp Ad.

Have we really arrived at the point where people feel the need to rail against everything that might possibly in the slightest way be potentially harmful towards a group of people no matter how small?

Have we?

Come on now. When I saw the Snickers ad I laughed so hard I nearly fell over. It was a brilliant Lady-and-the-Tramp-meets-homoerotic-football-insanity. I don’t think it did a very good job convincing people to buy Snickers bars. But I love Snickers and I’m not going to stop buying them because of this ad. I applaud Snickers for giving the green light to such a hysterical bit of advertising gold.

The suicidally dreaming robot will not make you kill yourself. If you’re at your rope’s end then you’ve gotten there someway that had nothing to do with this commercial. If you’re at that point. Seriously, go and find help. There are good, caring people out there that want to help you. Go. Find Them. Do it now!

This falls in line with my school shooting stance that if you’re ready to go shoot up your school or take another life in any way. You’ve already traveled down that path and made that choice.

There is no one to blame but you. No movie. No commercial. No music. No art. No person will make you do this. This is still your choice. Right up until the time where you pull the trigger, strike with the knife, light the fuse. It’s all your choice.

Seeing this ad will make you commit suicide no more than listening to Marilyn Manson will make you shoot up your school.

If it does, then we’ve addresses where to go.

We need to grow a thicker skin as a country and as a people. We are so ready to ban, block, sue, protest and subdue anything that disrupts our apparently fragile way of life.

Get a grip people. There is such a thing as making decisions for yourself. And not giving in to every influence you come into contact with on a daily basis. Take some responsibility for yourself and your actions and stop looking for scapegoats.


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