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I was recently conversing with Lemur #1 about podcasts and what we enjoyed listening to. I wrote out a basic list of what I listen to on an ongoing basis. This is what is sitting in iTunes waiting for the next episode to be created and pushed out to me.

43 Folders – Merlin Mann’s excellent bursts of productivity talk

Binary Bonsai – from binarybonsai.com. Cool guy from europeland (can’t recall which country) who talks about soundtracks to movies and games, works for the people who put out the Hitman series (among others). Not updated in forever.

GeeksOn - 4 geeks from Los Angeles. Actors/Designers/all Gamers. Good mix. Wide range of topics. More of a conversation than anything structured.

NerdTV - Excellent interview series by Robert X. Cringley (of PBS fame) who also writes extraordinary technology columns for PBS. Hasn’t been updated in months but there’s tons of interesting interviews there already. I’m waiting for his “season 2” to start.

SModcast - The Kevin Smith / Scott Mosier joint. Not really worksafe without head phones. Haven’t listened to yet, but I figure anything Kevin Smith can’t be all bad.

The Hivelogic Podcast – Hivelogic.com, Dan Benjamin’s new podcast featuring interviews with designers, programmers and the like. I’ve read his weblog forever and it’s neat to here his voice and to see who he talks to. A lot of it is programmer philosophy and computer talk. WARNING: He is a big mac nerd.

The Web 2.0 Show - Interviews with all sorts of different people ranging from amazon.com to tiny new startups with neat ideas.

– British web dev shop’s weekly podcast chronicling everything from design to hosting to development in a very easy to digest format. They call is their “the podcast for all those involved in designing, developing and running websites on a daily basis” so it’s not aimed at the uber geeky. And they’re british. So bonus points for that.

ZeFrank’s the Show – What can I say about The Show that’s not already been said? It’s daily. It’s brilliant. It’s for an end date which is coming up. Hit the web site and watch it, or pull it down and enjoy it on your computer or portable video machine. Do it. You’ll thank me later.

This got me thinking. What do you all listen to? Is there an awesome podcast you can’t live without? Is there something out there you think the world need to know about? Are you podcasting? If so, link me! I want to know about it!


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