Praises Dreamed 4166 days ago | | 173 words

I have the absolute best girlfriend I could ever hope to have. She is the most perfect soulmate I have ever could have dreamed up. She is literally perfect, in every way.

We’re so similar it’s scary but endlessly fun. We have just as great a time exploring a park and gardens on a warm sunny day as we do snuggling and snacking in bed watching movies on a rainy weekend. Juno, Airplane!, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and The Goonies to be exact.

We’ve been on long road trips with just ourselves and an ipod to keep us company and we were never once even in disagreement.

I never knew love could be this fun or this perfect. I’ve had friendships and relationships but nothing ever as strong and real as this. It’s been 8 months, and things have been just as bright as the day we met.

Annie in the flowers

I love Annie with all my heart.


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