Reverb10 Day 10: Wisdom Dreamed 3175 days ago | | 835 words

December 10 – Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Author: Susannah Conway)

Looking back on 2010, I made a lot of big life decisions. A ton of them about the wedding and marriage. A ton of them about family and how I would handle certain situation thrown at me I was not ready to deal with. I decided a lot of good things and important things. However, the wisest decision I made last year was to start writing again.

Writing had always been my release in previous years. Writing had always opened the world up to me and allowed my emotions to flow on to the page and out of my head. When I was younger, I wrote a ton of angsty, teen poetry that was terrible but I felt better afterwards.

My writing has never been for someone else. It has always been my release and the means of getting the overflow of emotions out of my head and onto something more concrete. Writing was my way to put my mind at ease and open it up to thinking about better things.

It all started with finding 750 Words and starting to catalog my daily stresses and feelings on its anonymous pages. The animal badges and the streak helped me keep it going. It was motivating in a way a private paper journal or a blog would never be.

I would never censor myself there and I still don’t. I just write what is on my mind as it comes to my mind when I sit down to write. I let my fingers do the walking across the keyboard. They are much faster and lead to greater legibility, more than my chicken scratch hand writing ever could.

750 Words has become an invaluable resource and part of my daily routine. It has not always been my morning pages, as intended. But it has served as my daily detox. I will get home from work then before bed as I am winding down and clearing my mind for sleep, I would pour out anything and everything into its pages. I would clear my mind, emptying it, readying it for sleep as I readied my body for regenerative rest.

I find that I am dreaming more now that I am writing. They are very weird and bizarre dreams. My subconscious has fantastic tales it likes to weave late at night as I rest my eyes and mind.

The continued writing has opened more avenues for me as well. I am blogging more which makes me feel good as I want to keep trying to write and produce more. I want to be able to look back at the end of 2011 and have something to show for myself by year’s end. I want to glance over the archives for my blog and be able to see the past year laid out for me.

I want to relive the joys and triumphs, the concerts and shows and movies that blew me away through the year. I want the pain and the joy, the sadness and rejoicing to all flow back as it did when I originally captured it in words and code.
I want to relive the year because I had cataloged it well. I want to be able to remember and reflect on something meaningful. I don’t want to rely on my historically hazy memory when thinking back across the past year.

The renewed interest in writing has also aided in securing a freelance writing gig with my dad and the printing newsletter he works on. I have been writing technical articles on various topics like social networking and how to use it for the quick printers who most likely view the internet, let alone social media, as completely foreign soil.

I have really enjoyed the writing I’ve done for him and being published, albeit anonymously nearly monthly makes me happy. I love that what I’m writing is going out there and helping people.

I also love the change in my mood the writing has brought about. Gone are the anxious, annoyed, irritated nights after work. Gone is the constant feeling of unease. Gone is the feeling of needing to do something or be something but not knowing what that something is.

I am much happier now and happy with my writing either for myself or for the greater world. Happy I made the decision to start writing again as I’ve always enjoyed it, but I went astray from it for so long.

I am happy to embrace it like an old friend and welcome it back in to my life with wide, loving arms.

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